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50 financial tips that will do wonders for your wallet

The secret to making money, as opposed to frittering it away, is often small adjustments to our financial habits and mindset. Whether it’s setting ourselves a realistic budget, cutting out morning coffee purchases or investing in our future, the key to success is finding the courage and discipline to stay true to our better intentions. In that spirit, here are 50 financial tips that we hope will help fatten your wallet.

How you can become an Isa millionaire – and how fast

At the last count, there were 2,000 Isa millionaires in Britain and the top 60 have pots averaging a whopping £6.2m. But becoming one does not just happen overnight – it takes time and patience. An Isa is an all-important tax shelter for your savings where you will escape tax on dividends, capital gains tax on any profits when you sell, as well as ...

These 2 proven passive income ideas already make me money!

Our writer is generating passive income already by using these two ideas. Here he explains why he likes the simplicity of this approach. The post These 2 proven passive income ideas already make me money! appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

Josef Newgarden earned over $3.6 million for Indy 500 victory

Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden earned $3.666 million, from a total purse of $17,021,500, for his victory in the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Is earning $75,000 a year your ticket to happiness?

William Hill hit with record £19.2m fine as it becomes latest bookie sanctioned for money laundering and consumer protection failings

A customer was allowed to open a new account and spend £23,000 in 20 minutes without any checks, the Gambling Commission found.

How I could live off dividend income alone!

Dr James Fox explores whether it would could be possible to generate enough dividend income to live comfortably and stop working. The post How I could live off dividend income alone! appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

I make £70,000 per year in a job you'd never expect

Kyra Henry, from London, shared a TikTok video revealing her tips and tricks as to how to get into the lucrative industry - and explained the perks of the job include trips to Harrods and holidays abroad.

You have £250,000 to invest. Here's how to get richer

Investors are living in a new world. Eighteen months ago the old order of ultra-low interest rates came crashing down and today’s markets are unrecognisable from the past decade. Old rules have been torn up and the portfolios of the wealthy are being hurriedly rearranged to reflect rising savings rates, sluggish stock markets and a crackdown on pro...

50 simple ways to save money on your next holiday

There’s no doubt the last few years have been tough. The pandemic saw holidays banned, or made painfully complicated, and now the cost of living crisis has put a massive strain on household budgets – it’s enough to make anyone need a break. But scouring travel websites can result in a sinking feeling. Flight prices have gone up (2022 saw the bigges...

Smaller holdings CAN strike it rich! 10 winners of this month's £100k and £50k Premium Bond prizes had less than £5k invested

This includes two winners who scooped £50,000 with a £100 holding - a return of 49,900%. One of these winners from Devon bought the bond in November 1988.

If I’d bought a FTSE 100 tracker 20 years ago here’s what I’d have now

The key to making good money from investing in the FTSE 100 is to reinvest all the dividends paid. The results are an absolute wonder. The post If I’d bought a FTSE 100 tracker 20 years ago here’s what I’d have now appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

Rich and famous people who just didn't like spending money

These men and women were worth a fortune, but allegedly didn't like to spend their money.

How the Government's £2billion tax raid will affect you

Up to one million savers in Britain are facing a £2billion tax raid due to new rules that could punish them with bills of up to £2,000 each over two years.

There's one day of the week when flights are cheaper - and it's the easiest way to save money on travel

Ready for a getaway? This one's for you

Trending on MSN Money: Explore the top trending names on MSN Money.

Discover the hottest investments that are currently trending among MSN Money users. From technology to energy, our list covers a range of industries that are attracting the attention of savvy investors. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this list provides a great starting point to explore investment opportunities that are capturing the interest of other like-minded investors. Keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of the curve...

Which shop offers the cheapest meal deal?

Get the best deal on your grub.

The universities where students earn £40k on average after graduation

Students have lost out to fee increases, lockdowns and lecture strikes, but a university degree can still be a golden ticket to a well-paid job – if you study at the right place. Indeed, graduates from a select group of British universities now earn around £40,000 or more on average in the first five years after finishing their studies, research ha...

Dollar Will Be Weaker as We Go Into End of Year: Gordon

"The dollar will be weaker as we go into the end of the year." Wayne Gordon, executive director of commodities and FX at UBS Global Wealth Management, discusses the US dollar and his outlook for Federal Reserve policy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television.

Why £125,000 does not make you rich in Britain today

What it means to be rich is being redefined next month with the point at which the 45p income tax rate – the highest rate in the land – kicks in, falling to £125,140. The Chancellor is lowering the threshold of the “additional” rate, designed for the wealthiest in society, from its current £150,000 level. Someone earning £150,000 a year will pay ne...

How rich is King Charles, and where does his money come from?

We examine King Charles' fortune from properties to business interests to the public money he receives.

What to do if you win a million dollars

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. Have you ever thought about what you would do with a million dollars? Here are a few tips about how to handle an unexpected windfall, if you should ever find yourself with one!

I’d aim for a million starting this June buying 2 stocks!

With this plan, our writer thinks he could realistically aim for a million by buying blue-chip shares with a long-term mindset. The post I’d aim for a million starting this June buying 2 stocks! appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

How to bag a best buy two-year fixed savings rate of 5.18%

Savers have a bunch of new best buy deals to choose from after a number of savings providers upped rates in the past 24 hours.

Caroline Wozniacki: "I got a bit of money"

Caroline Wozniacki: "I got a bit of money"

Top 3 most popular commodities on Money over the last month.

We have pulled commodities that are the most popular amongst Money users over the past month.

Wealthy businesswoman ‘should pay estranged husband more than £6.5 million’

Louise Backstrom, 33, who is worth about £250 million, and Martin Wennberg had been embroiled in a private family court dispute over money in London.

Couple who made £15,000 in just 17 months share 'great' way to boost income

EXCLUSIVE: As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, many people are turning to their homes to generate incomes of up to £1,500 extra each month.

How to take meter readings and why you should do it before July 1

You could save money on your bills.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Money shows where Sir Keir's loyalties lie

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Sir Keir Starmer's decision to accept sizeable donations from Just Stop Oil backer Dale Vince shows remarkably skewed judgment.

Martin Lewis urges anyone earning up to £60,000 to check if they're owed extra cash

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is urging Britons to check if they're entitled to extra cash while as much as £19billion worth of benefit payments go unclaimed every year.

One in five people ‘would not seek support if they owed money’

One in six people said they had been taught to keep money matters to themselves, according to research commissioned by Experian.

Americans' Savings Now Exceed $1 Trillion. Here's How to Maximize Your Returns

Savings accounts are growing across the U.S., in a strong rebound from last year. How can savers get the most bang for their buck?

This Morning caller flabbergasted after discovering old paintings are worth £30,000

'This wasn't something we were expecting to hear today.'

'I make £90k a year painting nails - each set takes me up to 40 hours and can cost £6k'

A luxury nail artist has claimed they rake in around £90,000 each year by painting and selling bespoke press-on nails - with some sets taking up to 40 hours to make

Want to save money in the garden? These are the 12 things you need to try

Discover these 12 simple ways to save money in the garden and enjoy seeing the savings quickly add up

Warning to savers who could be short-changed by £300 if they stick with big name banks, study finds

Savings rates offered by some high street banks are shortchanging customers by more than £300 every year compared to challenger banks, Which?'s three year analysis has found.

5 ways to ‘save money' when doing laundry including hours to ‘avoid' using washing machine

Many people want to save money when doing laundry, but it can be hard to know how. To help, a cleaning expert has shared various ways to save on bills when washing clothing.

The best free exhibitions in London – get your culture fix and keep your money for coffee

The best free exhibitions in London – get your culture fix and keep your money for coffee - Want to have a fun day out but also save those pennies? These free London art exhibitions are perfect

Financials' Worst Performers: This Week's Biggest Losers.

Take a look at this list of financials stocks that have seen a decline in value this week. Consider adding these stocks to your watchlist to stay up to date on their performance.

Money Saving Expert reveals best app-based bank accounts including Starling, Monzo and Chase

These three banks are the best apps to help you sort out your money

How are young people investing? We look at where they put their money, who they get their help from and get some tips from the experts

New study finds that family is the main trigger, with 39% of those aged between 20 and 40 saying talking with a relative led them to start to invest.

Celebrities who were already rich before being famous

Fame often goes hand-in-hand with wealth. And while some of our favorite celebrities started out at the bottom financially, others grew up in well-to-do families and didn't really need to become famous for them to be called rich. Click through the gallery and take a look at famous people who were already wealthy before rising to stardom.

Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert urges millions to check they aren't missing out on a share of £19 billion in unclaimed benefits

MoneySavingExpert has outlined the many different support options available

The Real Reasons Couples Argue About Money

Arguing about money — or not talking about it at all? You’re not alone. Understanding your own relationship with money can help couples become unstuck.

Could the FTSE 100 make me rich?

The Sunday Times recently published its Rich List. Our writer considers whether he could become wealthy by investing in the FTSE 100 (INDEXFTSE:UKX). The post Could the FTSE 100 make me rich? appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

All the money in the world: global debt hits 300 trillion US dollars!

Mum who cleared £40k debt shares how she sticks to £200 spend for half term holidays

A mum who turned her finances around with careful planning has said she sticks to a £200 budget when her kids are on holiday - and still makes sure they're never bored

RBC beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $13.52B (+20.50% YoY) exceeded consensus of $13.16B(+2.76%). EPS of $2.65 (-11.37% YoY) missed the consensus estimate of $2.81(-5.69%).

RBC beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $13.52B (+20.50% YoY) exceeded consensus of $13.16B(+2.76%). EPS of $2.65 (-11.37% YoY) missed the consensus estimate of $2.81(-5.69%).RBC beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $13.52B (+20.50% YoY) exceeded consensus of $13.16B(+2.76%). EPS of $2.65 (-11.37% YoY) missed the consensus es...

Two thieves steal £10,000 worth of vape pens and cigarettes during Birmingham raid

Two thieves steal £10,000 worth of vape pens and cigarettes during Birmingham raid -