Britons are using their spare rooms, and creative designs to let out space in their house.

Sue and David Black started using Peerspace in December 2021 and have since made about £15,000.

Peerspace is primarily used for photography, film and TV.

Using David's cartoonist design skills and Sue's eye for property and space, the couple has been able to decorate their house to be used for different projects.

Sue said: "I would say with Peerspace alone, we have made about £15,000 since December 2021.

"Definitely could have made more if we had dropped our price but we were happy with the level of bookings coming in.

"Initially I thought it would be great to use the extra money towards our holiday fund but recently it's really come in handy with the cost of our heating!"

Sue explained it's a "great way" to earn extra income if this is what people can do.

She appreciates the freedom she has to set the prices for the work, and choose the times, especially as she works as a property landlord, and David as a cartoonist.

Sue continued: "It feels great knowing that my house can generate an income instead of consuming it!

"I can tailor my pricepoint to where I can manage the frequency of bookings without it becoming a chore as I wouldn't want to be tied to the house all the time and you have to be on-site when there is a booking.

"However, if I really needed extra cash I know I could drop my price and get a lot more interest which is good to know."

When explaining some challenges she faces, she mentioned dealing with the guests after they leave.

They can be noisy and wait outside for a long time and they can also leave rubbish on the street.

She added: "Other than that, we've not had any real problems with the shoots themselves.

"Most guests are super friendly and respectful, but a patient and flexible disposition is imperative!"

Alternatively, people can offer up any spare rooms in their house for people to stay if they have somewhere available.

Jean Cowsill, 67, spoke exclusively with on how renting out her spare room was incredibly helpful especially as she was faced with potentially losing her and her mum's bungalow in Cornwall.

Ms Cowsill listed her cottage on Airbnb and uses extra cash to pay off her mortgage and help take the pressure off the cost of living increases.

She explained that knowing she can make extra money each month makes her feel "safer and more financially secure".

For more information on using extra space, people can visit Peerspace or Airbnb.

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