Graham Cochrane, 39 from Tampa, Florida shared with CNBC's Make It how he became a millionaire. As of July 2022, he was making the equivalent of £1.2million a year while only working five hours a week.

Mr Cochrane is a business coach who teaches people online how to make money out of their passions.

Within the space of eight years, he grew his business from $7,000 (£5,613.79) to $1million (£801,970).

The entrepreneur explained: "I never thought I would make much money honestly because I just wanted to be a musician.

"I think what I wanted most was to do something I loved for a living. I never wanted to have a job I hated and I was always creative."

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After graduating college in 2005, where he met his wife, the couple moved to Tampa to play music in a new church congregation.

Their move coincided with the Great Recession which saw Mr Cochrane lose his job at the time.

Finding work with a debt settlement company, he was made redundant once again and was forced to rely on his family's emergency fund to get by.

However, in January 2010, Mr Cochrane started his YouTube channel which spotlighted his music skills.

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In order to make money, the creative started sound recording and mixing for other musicians.

Despite his pursuing a passion, it took time for his business to get off the ground and the Cochrane family had to rely on food stamps for groceries.

Realising his YouTube channel was offering his services for free, Graham decided to offer courses which grew his business.

Towards the end of his second year in business, the entrepreneur launched two best-selling products, including an ebook, which expanded his reach even further.

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He added: "In the last couple of months of that year, we brought in almost $60,000 (£48,118.20).

"I realised this was game over. I used to make $30,000 (£24,059.10) a year working full-time in corporate America. Same with my wife.

"I was replacing both of our $30,000 a year salaries from a website talking about what I love to do.

"That's when we didn't qualify for food stamps anymore. And I knew my life was gonna be different from then on now."

With his success came longer working hours, which put a slight strain on Mr Cochrane's family life.

Thanks to some pushing from his wife, he decided to hire people to take over roles within his business.

This included new employees being in charge of social media and dealing with customer enquiries.

Anyone interested in learning more about business success stories can follow CNBC: Make It's YouTube channel.

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