The current account that pays you! Starling Bank to dish out 3.25% interest on balances up to £5,000

Savers could earn up to £13.54 a month with a current account from Starling Bank.

Borrowers are reassessing their budgets as student loan payments resume after pandemic pause

NEW YORK (AP) — Millions of Americans must start repaying their federal student loans again in October, with monthly payments averaging hundreds of dollars. To get ready, borrowers are cutting expenses, taking on additional work, and looking for options to reduce their monthly payments. Megan McClelland, 38, said she has started asking for October shifts with a catering company and a winery to help supplement her income. McClelland's main job is...

The We Buy Any Car trick that gets you more money for your vehicle

MyLondon requested a valuation for a 2005 Peugeot and got three prices

Uniper to repay 2 billion euros in state aid this week -report

BERLIN (Reuters) - German gas importer Uniper, which became the biggest corporate casualty in Europe's energy crisis last year, will this week repay 2 billion euros in state aid it received to stave off its collapse, the company's chief executive was quoted as telling a German newspaper. Uniper requested the bailout due to sky-rocketing prices in the wake of Russia's February 2022 invasion of

Britons waste £432 a year splitting the bill equally, research shows, as four in ten say they would spend less if they weren't so polite

It's that moment of the evening when the bill arrives and the awkward question arises between you and your fellow diners: How do we split this?

Premium Bonds prize dates for the coming year

The lucky Premium Bonds numbers from £1,000 up to £1 million are published on This is Money the first working day of the month - and a full day before NS&I updates its prize checker tool

‘We spent £125,000 doing up our pebbled-dashed semi – was it worth the money?’

Rate My Renovation: What do you think about our reader’s home makeover? Was it worth the money, or should she have spent it differently? Let us know in the comments below. Walking into Caroline and Ian Cumiskey’s semi-detached home in Cheltenham, you’re met with a celebration of bold colours adorning walls, upcycled furniture, upholstery and throws...

Are your children at risk of being lured into a money mule scam? How criminals are targeting pupils as young as nine to launder cash in alarming numbers

Criminals will tell children that if they allow money to be paid into their bank account and they cash it out or send it on to another account, they can keep a cut for themselves.

Event brief – Meta Quest 3: Price, release date, and how to save £100 on the Meta Quest 2

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From Lourdes Leon to Rocco Ritchie, find out how pop icon Madonna's six children make and spend their money today.

The UK's average salary, and how it compares to other countries

We take a look at the average annual salaries in 43 different nations around the world. How does your salary compare?

Voices: Tinder’s new $500 feature gives the green light to harassment – if you can afford it

Tinder’s new $500 feature gives the green light to harassment – if you can afford it - COMMENT: Everybody deserves a shot at love, writes Olivia Petter – but nobody should be able to message women without their consent just because they have money

Why now may NOT be time to put money in a base rate tracker account

Base rate tracker accounts disappeared from the market en masse about a decade ago, but they have been making a comeback recently.

What I Own: Entrepreneur Charlie, who put down a £350,000 deposit on her Chelmsford home

'We waited 18 months for the property to complete.'

Know your local billionaire? Who is the wealthiest person in each US state

Moneysupermarket.Com Group PLC Outperforms Major Indices on the week

Moneysupermarket.Com Group PLC closed at £242.60, up by +0.75% during the week ending September 29th. The stock outperformed the broader market, with the FTSE 100 down (-0.99%), the FTSE 250 down (-1.76%), and the FTSE 350 down (-1.09%). Moneysupermarket.Com Group PLC's peers eBay Inc (+1.48%), Microsoft Corp (-2.01%), and PayPal Holdings Inc (-0.17%) were all mixed on the week. Moneysupermarket.Com Group PLC traded a 1-week average daily volume...

Killer caught by bank staff holding victim's head up to verify £10,000 transfer

Jose Henrique Aguiar Soares, 22, killed the 64-year-old after visiting him at his home in Brazil.

If I’d put £10k into Lloyds shares 2 years ago here’s how much I’d have today!

Lloyds shares, once the darlings of the FTSE 100, have traded sideways in recent years. Dr James Fox details his investment case for the stock. The post If I’d put £10k into Lloyds shares 2 years ago here’s how much I’d have today! appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

Urgent pension alert: Women have £20K less in their retirement pots - 'clear imbalance'

Women are losing out on a comfortable retirement compared to men, according to new research into savings.

MARKET REPORT: Future is bright for shares in UK publisher

The company, whose 250 titles include everything from Marie Claire to Golf Monthly, said it was on course to hit its profit target for the year.

From riches to rags: 13 famous faces who died poor

From Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley to Judy Garland and Marvin Gaye, these iconic stars should have died with millions in the bank – but actually they were broke.

Kentucky governor’s race on track for new fundraising record

The Kentucky governor’s race has been nothing short of a financial juggernaut, with gubernatorial candidates collectively raking in more than $36.8 million in contributions, a new OpenSecrets analysis found. The booming fundraising puts the race on track to set a new record in the state. The most ever collectively raised by gubernatorial candidates...

32% of people ‘have £100 or less left in their account at end of each month’

One in 11 people said they have no money left in their account at the end of the month, according to Nationwide Building Society.

Does money bring success? These 10 clubs are the biggest spenders of the 21st century

US government on verge of shutdown after spending deal collapses

US government on verge of shutdown after spending deal collapses -

Savings warning as over £250billion of Britons' money earns no interest at all

In accounts with balances of £10,000 or more, seven million accounts are receiving zero percent in interest.

Money-saving whizz Sarah Adekola on how to stretch your money right now

Feeling the pinch with rising living costs? Imy Brighty-Potts speaks to TikTok’s Sarah Adekola.

This super rare $10.000 bill has been sold for an astonishing amount

In a recent auction that captivated collectors and investors alike, a $10,000 U.S. bill featuring the portrait of Salmon P. Chase, the sixth Chief Justice of the United States, was sold. The bill, initially issued in 1934, is one of the rarest forms of American currency and has been carefully preserved over the years, contributing to its allure for...

£300 DWP cost of living money to be paid from October 31, confirms the DWP

Millions of cash-strapped households are to be given an extra £300 before Christmas which they won’t have to pay back. The government money is the second of three cost of living payments, designed to help some of the poorest households manage the pressure of rising bills. The first payment was sent out to eligible homes in April. Those entitled to ...

How much Mohamed Salah really earns – revealed

Mohamed Salah earns over £1m per week in total income according to his agent and lawyer.

Europe's richest man Bernard Arnault in money-laundering probe

The Paris public prosecutor's office is investigating financial transactions involving Arnault and Nikolai Sarkisov.

'We’ve got more money than we know what to do with' Blur wanted something better than cash for being on FIFA 98 and they got it

The iconic Britpop group provided theme music for the game – but they didn't want paying for it, at least not in the conventional manner

Harry Styles makes 100k a day

Harry Styles made £105,000 a day last year, thanks to the success of his album 'Harry's House'.

Tricky riddle about buying and selling a cow is a real brain teaser

A riddle is circling the internet called ‘I bought a cow for $800’ and leaving everyone stumped. Read on to find out the answer. It’s one of many puzzles taking over social media, like ‘Throw me off the highest building’ and ‘What is greater than God?’. There’s something about riddles that never fails to entertain – or leave you really frustrated i...

Top 3 most popular funds on Money over the last week.

We have pulled funds that are the most popular amongst Money users over the past week.

Lack of money bigger worry than the environment for young people, research suggests

Young people in the UK worry more about having enough money in the future than they do about anything else, according to new research.

High Net Income.

Stocks that have reported high net income figures from the prior quarter.

Event brief – Qatar takes Severn Trent stake as water group pledges £12.9bn investment plan

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Investing in wine: A buying opportunity or a costly hobby?

Experts say recent price slumps make it a good time to start investing in fine wine - but the market is a steep learning curve.

‘The Bank of Mum and Dad is empty – we’re cutting back to afford retirement’

Years of family handouts are finally starting to weigh on the Bank of Mum and Dad, as couples grapple with the reality that their retirement plans won’t be as cushy as they had hoped. Robert Crowley, 75, and his wife gifted hundreds of thousands of pounds to not one, but two, younger Crowley generations over the years. The couple is just one of mil...

'Extremely rare' £5 note up for sale could fetch an eye-watering £16,000 at auction

The £5 banknote, dated July 12, 1900, was first issued at the Bank of England’s Leeds branch and is one of a few that still exist, and could exceed its estimated value of £12,000 to £16,000

These stocks have High Profit Margins.

Profit margin gauges the level of money a company makes more than its’ expenses.

Now's the time to give your ISA a makeover

More than two decades after its debut, the Isa (individual savings account) is set for a new look.

Ed Sheeran gives himself £10million pay rise as he goes 'from strength to strength'

Ed Sheeran's music empire had a turnover of £89million since 2019, the latest figures show - and that doesn't include nearly half of the 90 dates on his sell-out 2022/23 global tour

Man hits the jackpot after buying abandoned storage unit for $600

Man hits the jackpot after buying abandoned storage unit for $600.

Low Profit Margin.

Profit margin gauges the level of money a company makes more than its’ expenses.

£8,000 of savings? Here’s how I’d aim to turn that into passive income of £500 a month!

Christopher Ruane explains how he could put some spare funds to work in the stock market today with an eye on long-term passive income streams. The post £8,000 of savings? Here’s how I’d aim to turn that into passive income of £500 a month! appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

Dollar dips, but set for best quarter in a year

By Karen Brettell and Amanda Cooper NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) - The dollar backed off 10-month highs on Friday but was still headed for its biggest quarterly gain in a year, giving the yen some breathing room as the Japanese currency remains under scrutiny for potential government intervention. The greenback held on to losses after U.S. data showed U.S. consumer spending increased in August, but

Got old holiday cash? You could be quids in

Only a fifth of us get round to exchanging it, with the average household hoarding around £150 of foreign currency.