A This Morning viewer has been left in shock after being told two paintings she owns could be worth up to £30,000.

On Tuesday’s episode of the breakfast programme, pawnbroker Dan Hatfield appeared on the show to help value items owned by audience members.

The first call came in from Rosie from Doncaster who had purchased two paintings for about £1800 from an antique shop as it was closing down a few years ago.

‘Apparently, but I’m not sure, I’ve been told they are Maria and Olga, the Grand Duchesses of Russia,’ she explained.

After photos of the paintings were shown on screen, Dan said he believed they were pieces from painter Christina Robertson.

‘She was born in Scotland and was a painter to the Russian royal family in the mid-19th century and I think she passed away in 1851,’ he said.

‘I can tell it’s her because of the colour distribution and subject matter is classic Christina Roberston.’

He added that the value of her work ranged from £500 to £100,000.

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As host Alison Hammond exclaimed ‘no’ in shock, Dan then explained he would have to see the paintings in person to make sure they were originals and not a print.

‘I think I can see by the way it’s been produced that it is real, but I would have to have a look in person, but if these are the Grand Duchesses then this could be worth a lot of money,’ he explained.

‘If these are just two normal Victorian-era ladies then you might be looking at £6,000 each,’ he added.

At this point Rosie exclaimed ‘oh gosh’ as Dan then said that if they were indeed the princesses, then she could sell them on for £10-50,000 per painting.

Clearly caught off guard, Dermot O’Leary threw his hands over his face and exclaimed: ‘This wasn’t something we were expecting to hear today.’

As Dan said: ‘We need to make sure, but worst-case scenario they could be a few thousand each, but best case they could be £50,000.’

While Rosie said she purchased the paintings in the hope they might be valuable, she didn’t quite expect how much money they could be sold on for.

‘I love art and have an interest in art,’ she said.

But she added she didn’t feel a particular need to keep them and pass them down, so would be more than happy to sell them for the right price, with Dan then offering to value them.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV1.

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